Smart Money Moves w/ Helena

Smart Money Moves w/ Helena Interview with Dominique E. Reese

Episode Summary

Today, Helena speaks with Dominique E. Reese; Author of Master My Money®: 16 Steps To Solve Your Money Problems & Create A Foundation for Financial Freedom.

Episode Notes

Today on Smart Money Moves Helena speaks with Dominique E. Reese, Author of Master My Money®: 16 Steps To Solve Your Money Problems & Create A Foundation for Financial Freedom, on how to create, maintain, and build generational wealth. We hear her story on how money and her relationship to money has shaped her life and thinking, and how she took control of how she related to and thought about money, and subsequently became a First Generation Wealth-Builder! 

Dominique’ N. Reese, AFC®, FFC®, Principal Consultant & Strategist at Reese Consulting Group LLC, works with professional individuals who are struggling to properly manage their money due to lack of knowledge, lack of time and/or lack of financial discipline. Specifically, she helps her clients increase income, increase savings and decrease debt, so they can increase their net worth, build wealth and live the lifestyle they’ve worked so hard to achieve. She deploys her strengths in financial coaching and planning, behavioral finance & income maximization to help her clients make the most of their money in the short term, while investing in their long term vision of financial freedom. Dominique’ specializes in helping highly motivated individuals take strategic actions towards their financial goals and dreams, so they can live a life that serves themselves, their family and their community. She partners with her clients to identify gaps within their financial foundation, implement proven strategies to achieve the goals that matter most to them and adopt healthy and positive financial behaviors and patterns of success. Dominique’ graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Economics, has held several securities licenses, managed $4million as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch, Amazon-published, Master My Money®: 16 Steps To Solve Your Money Problems and Create A Foundation For Financial Freedom, and created courses such as BUILD™, an eight-week self-paced and guided online personal finance program. She serves as the Chair of the Investment Task Force for the Association of Financial Counseling, Planning & Education. When not working or giving back, Dominique’ spends time with her son & family hosting game nights & dinner parties, scratching off items on her ‘Live Out Loud’ list, dining at new restaurants and indulging in self care.